Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Right Front Brake Disassembled

Tonight I disassembled my front right brakes.  It went much better than the left side, mainly because I knew what I was doing.  The biggest problem was the top adjuster star nut (same one that was horribly frozen on the driver's side).

The brake hardware is not in terrible condition, but it's all pretty rusty.  I marred the adjuster nut a little trying to get it off (it was really frozen).  Tomorrow it all goes into the ultrasonic cleaner, and we'll see what comes out.  Regardless of how it looks, I am inclined to change out all the springs, adjusters - I already have new kits on the way.

The wheel cylinder is pretty rusty.  I find it hard to believe it moves very freely, though this brake did seem to work better than the left side.  Unlike the left, I didn't see any seepage under the seal.  I'll replace it anyway.

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  1. Cool Chris! I am unfamiliar with the whole blogging thing. (No pun, obviously, intended!) We'll be following you, if that's not too creepy!