Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wrong Shoes!

Advance Auto Parts gave me the wrong brake shoes.  Actually, in a box of 4 shoes, only 1 of them was wrong. It had one less spring hole, and it was the one I needed.  I took the parts back to the store, and they pulled another box off the shelf - and it also was not a matching set!!!  We were able to put the the two boxes together and give me one, complete, nearly identical set (lining color was slight different on one, but composition supposedly the same).  Either way, they fit, and the brakes are reassembled but not the axle bearings and drums (yet).

The brake line is dry (as in empty).  I'm a little concerned by this, maybe it takes more pumping than I think it does.  Hope to solicit help to figure that out.  (Obviously, can't bleed them until everything is assembled and adjusted).