Friday, July 23, 2010

A Beetle by Any Other Name

The Volkswagen Beetle has many names.  Most of them mean "Beetle" in the local language, but not all of them!  Here are some interesting ones:
  • Kever ("Beetle", Netherlands)
  • Poncho (Chile).  In Spanish, Poncho as a noun means just what you think, a poncho.  As an adjective, it can sometimes mean "peaceful."
  • Fakrouna ("Tortoise", Libya)
  • Cucarachita ("little cockroach", Honduras)
  • Boble ("Bubble", Norway)
  • Bhyagute Car ("Frog Car", Nepal)
  • Buburuza ("ladybird", Romania)
  • รถเต่า -("Turtle Car", pronounced Rod Tao, Thailand)

Thanks Wikipedia