Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brake Update

I changed the front brake flex lines today.  The inside of them was unbelievably bad.  From the outside they looked good, but on the inside they were completely closed up.  They definitely needed replacement, and I'm sure this will make a huge difference.

So far, I haven't been able to get them to bleed properly.  I'm not seeing air bubbles, but the brakes are soft, and not really doing anything significant until the pedal is all the way on the floor.  I'm either doing something wrong, or else there's still a problem somewhere in the system.

My favorite air cooled VW Forum has expressed some concern about the pedal pushrod adjustment.  Susie helped me take a picture of my pedals, and they definitely seem a little off:.  The stick shows what's roughly perpendicular to the floor.  The clutch pedal is about parallel, but the brake pedal leans too far back.  You don't feel any master cylinder pressure until the pedals are about even.  That's too much free play and will need adjustment later.

My other small accomplishment today was to install some new tail pipes.  They're really cheap, $6/ea for the pipes and about $3 each for the clamps. They look pretty good, can't wait to see them in the sunshine.

More on brakes and stuff tomorrow :-)