Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Braking News

You're wondering: is it good news, or bad?  Well, it's a bit of both.  First the bad news.  The front brake shoes, which looked pretty good from the side, didn't look so good when I took everything apart.  Plenty of pad left, but what was there was cracked, pitted, and brittle.  My prediction is that the back shoes will be in similar condition.  I won't tackle that until the front ones are finished (for starters, I don't have enough jack stands).

The good news is that the brake hardware cleaned up very nicely using the multimedia blaster and ultrasonic cleaners at work:

Outlook is that I will get my wheel cylinders and new hardware on Monday.  I will probably use all new hardware, and keep the above set as extras.  (Why not?  I'm planning on this set of brakes lasting a long, long time!)


  1. One quick thought, Chris. The cleaned up stuff was probably made in Germany, this new stuff, not so much....

    Good call on the brake shoes.

  2. P.S. Jack stands are $20 a pair at Sears, get another set!