Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, the brakes finally work!  After taking off the hoses, a lot of air got into the system.  It took a lot more pump-and-hold cycles than I thought it would to get all the air out.  They weren't big bubbles, either.  It looked kind of like soda pop fizz.  But after many repeats clean, clear fluid came out of both sides.  We went down to Canandaigua and had dinner at Doc's.  Brake pressure is good, no funny pulling or anything when engaged (even during hard braking).


Our friend Dave helped a ton getting everything straightened out, helping me with his lots-and-lots of VW experience.  He told me I probably couldn't screw it up.

Thing at Canandaigua Lake City Pier, Windshield Down

Thanks also to Rob and Susie for polishing up the beautiful, classic half-moon VW hubcaps.  Thanks also to Rob for fixing a dent in one of them.  They look great!

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